​​Fully Expressed Living  BLOG

Schedule a complimentary "Spark Session" with Jenifer to discover the resources  and support available to you.  

Discover how coaching can bring you into the life you desire.  



Get the wisdom-based support and momentum you need. 

I use my intuition and proven coaching skills to uncover where and why you are stuck, or where you have opportunities to breakthrough to the next level in your life or business. Next we address the core issues that influence your fulfillment.

Coaching is your resource to make that overdue project or unmet goal HAPPEN, or to grow your self-awareness in order to create peace no matter what is going on around you.  

My coaching style is unique because of my deeper intuitive approach. I naturally dig deeper with you and show you how to apply and take action.  You will need to talk with me to experience it.  

Tap into my 20 years experience as a creativity-based entrepreneur, artist

and award-winning coach with a background in sales & marketing. 

  • Certified Life Coach.
  • Integrative Coach Professional.
  • Chopra Center Coach.