You're here because you read my recent newsletter and you're curious if this can work for you. 

This is different because it's about creating what DOES WORK FOR YOU. 

When is the last time asked for what you wanted and got it? 

Your next step is to contact me and set up what this looks like for you. 

This page will be active until the first 3-4 people register, and then I take it down.

My schedule is busy, it's summertime and I'm making the most of it all. 


What are $500 Project Ideas?

  • Working together for as long of a time period realistic to achieve what you need. 
  • A mind map drawn out. Or a vision board made. (many forms of these!)
  • A personalized workbook with action reports to turn in. 
  • A private workshop for hands-on work - move your project forward. 
  • A custom system for accountability that empowers you. 
  • A series of sessions that go as deep as you can go - depending what you REALLY want to do with this. 
  • A personal weekly email system that keeps you making progress on the priorities we set. 

What else would make it YOUR $500 idea? 

Register now to get in on this. 

I'm excited to see who shows up - and I know it will be perfect. 

Or, pick up the phone and call me. 

We'll easily design a spree of working together and I will take care of getting you registered. 

We can start any time you would like. 

Personal note from Jen:

I'm really into building my new presentation I call "The Garden Analogy"  into something great. 

This offer for is aligned with my goal to make it the best it can be. I want you to think of this offer as a great way to get exactly what you want. I would LOVE your help developing the concepts as we work together - this is why it's a win for both of us. 

Working with you would be a HUGE help determining how the 6  steps get people where they want to be.  

I plan on helping as many people as I can with this program, and starting with us doing some focused work together is the best way I know to make the program the best it can be.  

So here I am offering you an opportunity to work with me in whatever way WORKS FOR YOU. 

I wonder what that will look like for you ?

A Personal Note from Your Life Coach

With Gratitude,