My Story: ​Jenifer Novak Landers

Jenifer Novak Landers, Life Coach

I love being Stella's mom. 

Giving my all, role-modeling, learning where to let go and where to embrace leadership, I am grateful for this path of inspiring everything I can to share life with this amazing young woman I'm lucky enough to call my daughter. 

Business Coaching for

Entrepreneurs and Creatives. 


My Coaching Style:
I use my wisdom and coaching skills to examine any issue in your life.  Together we explore your thoughts and attitudes, gaining a new perspective and creating a personal action plan to achieve the goals that support your vision and life purpose. 

Our coaching relationship is your resource. My clients typically work toward completing an overdue project or reaching a goal or growing self-awareness. My success is reflected in the integration of growth and fulfillment in your life. 

My coaching style is powerful because of my practical yet spiritual approach to personal growth.  We explore your inner journey and focus on your quest for a spiritually meaningful life.

I use conversation, intuitive tools, guidance, emotional support and many other tools in my coaching practice to help reach your goals. 

Contact me for a "discovery session" where we both can experience what a coaching conversation feels like. 

Professional Artist-Entrepreneur

Since 1992

Murals, Illustration, Art Classes

Creativity Consulting

Coaching Certification 

JFK University/Bay Area



Jenifer works with individuals and businesses to facilitate personal growth and fulfillment. She is a certified life coach through JFK University Integrative Coaching Program and is also a Chopra Center Coach.  

She established Fully Expressed Potential in 2005 to help clients achieve goals and align with purpose and meaning for a thriving life/business. 

Jenifer is the author of "Fully Expressed Living:  50 Perspectives from Stuck to Fulfilled, and her newest book, "Guided Meditation Coloring Book".  Both are available on Amazon.  She is a beloved group facilitator, speaker and workshop leader on topics that support her passion for personal growth, creativity, mindfulness and fulfillment.

Jenifer's background includes 20 years’ experience working in sales and business development, creativity, training/facilitation and leading events and retreats for business groups and women. 

My Why

About Me:

I thought being an Art Therapist would be my perfect career. I pursued my degree in psychology, then followed my heart and went into Art School. My career path has always included a combination of art and helping people thrive.  My first job out of college was in graphic design and I became an Art Director at a printing company in Seattle. 

A few years later, I pursued a sales position because I was attracted to the freedom and unlimited income potential being able to bring value to my clients using my art background. I learned to succeed with consulting and forming positive business relationships based on creativity, collaboration and mutual success.

I moved back to my hometown in Ojai, California, and took a position at another fancy printing company, quickly becoming the top salesperson where I thrived for years of what I lovingly referred to as my "Briefcase and PantyHose Era."  During this time,  I developed business expertise and worked with large corporate clients as well as small businesses.  I helped launch countless strategies and creative projects. I learned first-hand how creative environments function and thrive, and what it takes to build successful relationships in the business community.

When my "inner artist" needed more attention I created a line of greeting cards, illustrated an award winning children's book, and painted murals for several friends and colleagues who were having babies.   

I caught the entrepreneur bug realizing I could make a business out of doing what I loved (painting and creating). I established Novak Art Studio, specializing in children’s murals and I worked throughout the Bay Area. My murals were in demand for 15 years strong.

When I became a single mom raising my young daughter, I enrolled to get my Master’s Degree in Counseling because I wanted to help people work though challenges and find creative solutions to move forward in life. I quickly became disillusioned by the scientific side of psychology, and one day a book about "LIFE COACHING" fell into my lap, and as synchronicity would have it, my next career path opened up. 

I found the best certification program and couldn't wait to start a life coaching business.  I attended the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at JFK University launched "Fully Expressed Potential" in 2005 where I speak, coach, write and facilitate groups.  In addition, I create workbooks,  coloring books, products to support mindfulness and a program for artists called “How to Paint Murals for Profit”.   

I wrote a monthly column in the local newspaper for 2 years and turned the content into my first book, “Fully Expressed Living:  50 Perspectives from Stuck to Fulfilled” now available on Amazon.  Currently I’m outlining my second book, which I’m sure will undergo several re-inventions before I find the right title.

Perhaps I will still become an Art Therapist, although it occurs to me I have been my own Art Therapy client since the very beginning. This is why I'm an entrepreneur at heart - the path of doing what you love as a business is filled with growth and personal triumphs like no other. 

Being Stella's Mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I remain, as always, up to the challenge of raising a fully expressed human being to the best of my ability. :) LOVE!