Jenifer Novak Landers,

trained as a Chopra Center Coach.  

The Coaching Program was a successful part of the Chopra Center for 2 years. As a trained Chopra Center Coach, the model and tools are available to all of my clients. 

Jenifer is a Certified Life Coach in private practice based in Northern California. She worked with the Chopra Center to provide their Coaching Services.  The Chopra Center Coaches continue to offer valuable coaching support and programs to help clients fulfill their desires. 

If you want to work with a Chopra Center coach, even though the program is no longer offered thr0ugh the chopra Center, You can contact Jenifer for a complimentary discovery session and receive the same services. 

Working with a Trained

Chopra Center Life Coach

I am so grateful to be Part of the first group of coaches selected to be a Chopra Center Coach and being trained as a Chopra Center Life Coach. 

I have loved every minute of Life Coaching with the Chopra Center clients. I cherish the relationships and connections I have made in my experience as a Chopra Center Coach. 

This opportunity is a source of deep support, inspiration and such wonderful spiritual growth for the clients I have met finding a Chopra Center Coach. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to help my clients grow through my training as a Chopra Center Coach. I loved every minute of being a Life Coach for Chopra Center.

Contact Jenifer for a Chopra Center Coach Discovery Session. 

I use my previous training as a Chopra Center Coach to offer a complimentary Discovery Session.  Schedule with me to see if coaching would benefit you. 

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