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​​Meditation made easy. 

Make is simple.  Enjoy the experience.  See it as a PRACTICE not a GOAL. 

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Mindful meditation helps you grow spiritually. 

Learn the art of relaxed, open, authentic presence no matter what the circumstances are in our busy lives. I teach practical and easy-to-apply tools for meditation. 

Make it easy! 

I take a “practical approach to spirituality” and as an experienced life coach, I love to help people focus on the most simple approaches to transformation. 

Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice:

  • Fulfilling your core desires,
  • Eliminating Stress
  • Aligning with your purpose,
  • Expanding your awareness,

 “I have come through a major stuck place and now feel enabled to serve my purpose freely.  Jenifer's coaching is like “Spiritual Companionship” and brings me into feeling peaceful, really, for the first time!  I re-read my personal journals from a few months ago see how this work has been truly effective. I’m not that version of myself any more. She knows what to ask, what to do and how to listen for what serves my soul’s growth.” Lynne E., Sacramento, CA

“I got huge insights working with Jen and use her Guided Meditations to help me meditate more regularly."  Diana B., Mountain View, CA 

Are you ready to be more relaxed? 

Ready to be LIGHTER in our heavy-feeling world?  

“A month or so ago I noticed I was stuck in certain ways of thinking that really seemed to be

holding me back and honestly, felt a bit torturous. I knew I needed some guidance,

a fresh perspective, and someone who knew how to ask me the right questions. I found her. 

Jen is an amazing life coach who is helping me navigate through some old, tired patterns

and I'm so grateful for the actions we took in her coaching program. So is the man I’m in love with.  My transformation makes for a hugely improved relationship!”   Janice B., Sacramento, CA


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