"Guided Meditation Coloring Book"

Coloring has therapeutic benefits that bring calm and help you abandon your overloaded environment.

There are 4 Guided Meditations in this coloring book:

Gratitude. Strength. Growth. Joy.

Each meditation story gives you opportunities to let go, connect with your inner landscape.

This book supports you to experience the benefits of a meditation practice such as calming, centering, clarity or an open heart. By giving your attention to the act of coloring, you are able to relax your mind and body, letting go of tension, mental clutter and overwhelm.

Each page is a stress-reducing invitation to express your creative side. Order yours today and enjoy! 

"Fully Expressed Living"

Life coach and columnist Jenifer Novak Landers presents "50 Perspectives to go from Stuck to Fulfilled".  Each chapter guides you into a positive mindset where have room to love yourself more, express yourself more, reach more of your potential, and give more of yourself to the world.

"When we see only one perspective we forget our power of choice. Looking from a higher view, being willing to see a new angle, or doing whatever it takes to broaden your original perspective takes you from stuck to fulfilled."             -Jenifer Landers

The book includes practical and easy-to-do exercises to make your insights matter. Take action using guided meditations, journaling topics and suggestions to practice mindfulness.  

"Fully Expressed Living is a wonderful, very readable book that helps you to take clear actions to improve your life.  It's filled with action steps and recommendations for looking at your life differently. Jenifer presents ways to look at problems (and solutions) with humor and practicality. This is a great read and would make a great gift."     -Karl Palachuck