Peace Amidst Chaos:  

6-week online course. Delivered to your inbox.  Work at your own pace :)

What if you had the ability to

  • calm yourself sooner, 
  • re-connect to peace easier,
  • access the abundance in the present moment anytime you need?

These are primary spiritual goals.  These are what make a difference in having a fulfilling life. I know how to manifest them every single day, and I know how to empower you to live more peacefully amidst the chaos of your life/business/family/everything. . . and I have the wisdom to teach and deliver the tools you need.  

Our brains are over-populated with challenges, demands and information overload.

Our heart and soul is under-populated with fulfillment and presence. 

  • We need reminders to take time to fill our reserves. 
  • We need ways to maximize the small windows we have to feed our    own flame. 
  • We need ideas and tools to get peaceful results every time we try.  

This online course will provide all the tips, exercises and tools you need to transform chaos into peace on a daily basis, and form the habits and skills to own the skill. 

Filling our reserves is one thing, but knowing HOW to do it with premium fuel rather than just "sugar water". . . this program is the boost you need. 

Tools You'll Get 

  • Quotes I've selected to overcome chaos with direct access to peace.
  • Worksheets that strengthen your ability to find calm and create balance for yourself. 
  • Weekly content (an article, audio or video) with an EXERCISE YOU CAN DO.          (action-takers are winners in the peace game)
  • Guided Meditations (2-3 minutes each)
  • And a Bonus! Coloring pages designed around the quotes and meditations to support    direct access to PEACE. 
  • PLUS, two coaching sessions (30 min. each)

How it Works:

Are you ready to make "Peaceful" your middle name? 

Start the program any time you would like. Do it at your own pace. 

When you register, you immediately receive the workbook and first set of tools to get started. 

Every week you receive new tools and downloads of exactly what you'll need to build your skills and get results when it comes to FINDING PEACE AMIDST CHAOS. 
Work with the materials at your convenience. They are yours forever :)

Schedule your coaching sessions anytime during the 6 week period.  

Need more details about the program? Have questions? 
​I welcome your call.  Contact me and we'll get on the phone right away. 

If for any reason you don't benefit from this program, contact me anytime during the first 30 days, and I will happily refund your entire investment.  

Curious if this is a good fit for you? Let's talk - contact me to schedule a call.  

This is CHAOS:                          This is PEACE: 

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: 6-week program + 2 coaching sessions with specific tools, materials and bonuses designed to deliver exactly what you need to achieve peace amidst chaos. Workbook download and welcome materials arrive upon registration.