Join me for personal growth, transformation and the ability to get what you want.

This  "PRIVATE RETREAT" is a day to work at a personal focused level, toward what you need to thrive in your life. 

We spend 4 hours together at a swanky location on Sutter Street in Folsom. 

If you want to align with your purpose, change or improve your life, or if you are in a transition -

this retreat is your perfect opportunity to get the results you want. 


Winter 2018 - Self-care Program

2019 New Year Planning/Goals and Vision 


 ONE-ON-ONE time focused on your desires and purpose. 

This private retreat is designed to

cultivate confidence, expand self-awareness and empower your Mind/Body/Spirit. 

"My coaching experience has upgraded my life. I feel more confident, I know where I am going and I am reaching my goals! Working with Jenifer has made my relationships and my work more productive as I have gotten in touch with who I truly am.  I love feeling like I can manifest what I truly want!"   -- Leah S., Folsom, CA