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Group Leaders Workbook,  87 pages.

Debbie Leoni Coaching

Fearless Living Leadership Training

Module One Workbook, 115 pages. 

Small Business Thoughts

Karl Palachuck, Business Coach

Conceptual Selling Workbook  40 pages.

Fully Expressed Potential

Creative Tips Workbook,  10 pages

Jodi Hershey, Author
The Call of the Day WORKBOOK, 42 pages

Thelsuice Gonzalez, Life Coach
Nurtured Soul Workbook, 15 pages

Workbooks add great value to your business, and open new doors for your growth. 

Adding a workbook is a great way to monetize your content and programs.  

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​​​​​​​​​Is your program missing a workbook?
Even though you want one, do you feel like creating it yourself is "not your thing"?  

Introducing “Workbooks for Coaches”

for coaches, consultants and professionals who offer programs to their clients. 

Imagine having an experienced coach with a design and writing background working closely with you to create

a powerful workbook your clients will LOVE.  

Your custom workbook sets you apart, and can be a powerful marketing tool to enroll clients into your program.   
All you need is a basic outline of the content you want to deliver in your program. I guide you through the process of turning it into a workbook you are proud of and adds priceless benefits to your business. 
Benefits of having a Workbook: 

(Top 4 reasons you ABSOLUTELY need a professional workbook to support your brand)

  • Your program content is strengthened. 
  • Your clients become raving fans. 
  • Your program takes on greater value.
  • You are positioned to charge higher fees.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Workbook:

1.  Increases the VALUE of your program. ​

2.  Supports higher fees for your program.

3.  Adds a professional image, stronger branding and positions you as an expert.

4.  Provides an opportunity to upsell your NEXT program.

5.  Becomes an added product you can sell.

How the Project Works:

After we discuss your goals and ideas for content, I will begin the process of creating your workbook,

designing it in an eye-catching format that you can deliver to clients in PDF format or you can have it printed professionally.  This is a collaborative project.

I will help you get your thoughts out onto paper and into a beautiful workbook of your own.  Professional Cover Design is also included. I can create graphics and images for your workbook as needed.  The final page count depends on the program package you choose. 

Workbooks can be as small as 10 pages or larger than a few hundred pages!

Workbook PACKAGES:

#1:  Basic Workbook. 

This project includes:

Up to 12 pages. 

PLUS, A Professional Cover Design. 

2-3 Graphics, custom created to support your brand.

Starting at $500

#2:  Premium Workbook

This project includes:

12 - 50 pages. 

PLUS, A Professional Cover Design. 

Up to 10 images and graphics custom created to support your brand. 

​2-4 Rounds of Edits. 

$750 - $1500

Ask for our INTAKE assessment -

a short form to help you outline your workbook and help us see the scope of your project.

We will provide an estimate based on your content and looking at the level of detail needed

to produce a successful project for your business. 

Contact Jenifer to discuss which package is right for you. 916-768-5931

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Jenifer Novak Landers is a certified life coach, author and speaker.  She established Fully Expressed Potential in 2005 to help professionals "get unstuck" and use creativity for solutions, growth and fulfillment.  She pulls from her experience in small business marketing, sales, illustration, graphic design, and consulting. 

MY STORY:  “My natural talent for writing along with my training in graphic design gives me an edge for creating outstanding workbooks. I have created an abundance of  workbooks for my coaching practice and as a result began getting requests from other consultants to create a workbook for their content.  I decided to create "Workbooks for Coaches" and now have the honor of  creating training manuals workbooks for coaches, and a variety of workbook styles for business groups and other marketing projects.  I have often said that I love creating the workbooks even MORE than doing the programs!  I absolutely love the creative process of a workbook project.  As a Coaching professional, I offer a reliable perspective that will add value to your content, and a keen eye for the purpose and best format to deliver your content through a workbook.   

Why not have an outstanding workbook to match your outstanding programs? 

Contact me today, I would love to hear what you want to create.